9. Everyday Urban Mobility / Kaupunki arjen liikuttajana

Mobility is one of the key aspects for functioning everyday life for citizens in urban environments of all sizes. How a city offers possibilities to connect the everyday needs of work, schools, daycare and leisure has a fundamental effect on how citizens can build their daily practices. These practices are affected on how the different mobility options are perceived and what kinds of images they represent. This is connected to the questions on how we perceive mobility and transport. For an urban dweller central is also what mobility factors generate the experience of freedom.

Mobility is also a question of inclusion. In order for the transport system to be socially inclusive, we need different solutions for different user groups and phases of lives. Simultaneously individual mobility choices affect the collectively experienced urban environment.

Transport is also a major source of various sustainability challenges, such as climate emissions, air quality, congestion, accessibility and equality. For the research community tackling these issues and offering solutions calls for an integrated approach across disciplines, but also collaboration between the academia, policy making, companies and citizens. The solutions should address simultaneously the social and environmental sustainability challenges, but essentially for creating a systemic transformation, the offered solutions should fit the citizens’ practices. While addressing the challenges, they should offer new kinds of opportunities and benefits and crucially, they should be perceived as desirable.

This session calls for research and practical examples of transforming the mobility environment especially from the citizen viewpoint. We call for presentations covering e.g. issues of traffic and urban planning, traffic modelling and scenario work, mobility experimentation, history and experiential everyday urban mobility, and studies on mobility practices, but not limited to these. Presentations can be in English or Finnish.


Chairs/ puheenjohtajat

  • Terhi Ainiala, Professor, University of Helsinki
  • Heikki Liimatainen, Assistant professor, VERNE, Tampere University
  • Pia Olsson, PhD, dos., University of Helsinki
  • Juha Peltomaa, PhD, Senior researcher, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE

Abstract proposals:  pia.olsson@helsinki.fi

Submissions for this session can be in Finnish or English.