Climate change and the irreplaceability of the cultural environment –
the non-encountering phenomena?

Ilmastonmuutos ja kulttuuriympäristön korvaamattomuus –
kohtaamattomia ilmiöitäkö?

(The abstracts can be either in English or in Finnish)

What role can the cultural environment have in mitigating climate change? Can the
cultural environment be seen as an ecosystem service in planning and as a resource in
sustainable development? Even though ecosystem services are an established
approach, cultural services and the role of the cultural environment have been largely
bypassed. How is it possible to develop methods of measuring the values and benefits
of the cultural environment in the ecosystem thinking? How to negotiate the benefits in
complicated situations of re-use and regeneration projects?

In 2014 the Finnish government resolved the first Cultural Environment Strategy, which
aimed at deepening people’s appreciation of their local environment and inspiring them
to actively contribute to improving it. The strategy was prepared through widespread
cooperation coordinated by the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of
Education and Culture. The implementation plan put the target state for 2020: to
recognise the possibilities of the cultural environment to restrain and adapt to the
climate change.
Therefore, the session calls for the newest research and ideas that can
contribute to a broader comprehension of the phenomena.

The session will address a wide scope of research, case studies and methodologies
related to the overlapping of cultural heritage and ecosystem services in climate change
mitigation. The aim is to gain a multidisciplinary approach and analyse the connection
between irreplaceable cultural heritage and ecosystem services from different angles.

Both theoretical and practical views discussing cultural environments in a climate
change context will be beneficial for further research. We also welcome challenging
thoughts on the irreplaceability of cultural heritage and cultural environment.

The abstracts and presentations here can be either in English or in Finnish. The session
will be bilingual or divided into two, depending on the number of accepted talks.
The chairs and organisers of the session are:

● Ranja Hautamäki, D.Sc., Associate Professor in Landscape Architecture, Aalto
● Helena Lonkila, PhD, University Teacher in Cultural Environment Studies,
University of Jyväskylä
● Egle Pilipaviciute, Architect and USP Student, Aalto University
● Helena Teräväinen, Architect and D.Sc. (Urban Planning), Aalto University

The address for the abstracts:

Keywords: climate change, ecosystem services, mitigation, cultural environment,
cultural heritage, regeneration, re-use