Finnish Urban Studies conference 2018


The multidisciplinary Urban Studies conference 2018 will be held on 3-4 May, 2018 in the House of Science and Letters in Helsinki under the theme ”Cities of Alternatives”.

The sessions will be held mainly in Finnish, but we also welcome English session proposals and papers.

Conference sessions will cover a range of topics, including different worlds within a city, power structures, and urban utopias. The city is always about multiple issues, yet it is common to all. We will ask how a city appears for different inhabitants and what kind of worlds people live in. How and where do citizens meet each other or do they live in completely separate worlds? In what kinds of ways can the different worlds be identified in the cityscape and in the physical and social structure? What kinds of symbols and memories make the citizens feel part of their milieu, committed to their neighborhood? How have inhabitants of different ages and in different periods of time interpreted the history of the city?

And how does power correspond with the participation levels of citizens? Who uses power and when? Whose voices are not heard? How can we influence decisions and the hegemony of power?

The alternatives also relate to imagined cities. What could a city be? How do ideologies, imagined cities and plans, pictures, texts and talk direct the changes in the city? What kind of utopias are connected to cities?


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