Urban Studies Conference

The theme of 2023 is
City of Knowledge.

The aim is to consider the importance of science and information in urban development. Modern cities, as well as societies, are built on researched knowledge. Simultaneously, cities make use of the information produced by citizens and people visiting the city. City dwellers, on the other hand, use everyday, experiential knowledge both in their actions and in their efforts to influence the development of their city.

The connection between information and urban research can be considered, for example, by asking: What kind of information do cities need and want to have and who can produce it? How is the information produced by researchers intertwined with the everyday experiential knowledge of city dwellers? What is the position of higher education institutions in cities? How is the appreciation of knowledge reflected in cities? How have different sciences – architecture, history, economics, political science, sociology, geography, cultural studies – influenced and influence urban development today? How has information about cities been structured and changed? What kind of information and knowledge do we need in anticipation of the future of cities?

In addition to the knowledge produced by researchers, the knowledge on cities produced by means of participatory methods and citizen information is part of the theme of the conference. The theme also reflects the 20th anniversary of the Urban Studies Conference.