Call for Sessions 2024

The Finnish Urban Studies Annual Conference will take place in Helsinki on May 23–24, 2024. The organizers of the 2024 conference are the Society for Urban Planning, the Finnish Society for Urban Research and the Society for Built Environment Research in cooperation with the Helsinki Institute of Urban and Regional Studies.

The Conference 2024 calls for sessions around the theme of Changing Cities. Cities are in constant change. They change over time, which gives us the opportunity to examine the numerous historical layers of cities, to observe various design solutions, and to see the impact of past choices on urban landscapes and structures. Cities are subject to societal changes such as changes in population, technologies, institutions, values, and norms, which affect the planning and development of cities. Social changes can be intentional and planned, they can also be the result of gradual development or unexpected events.

The theme Changing Cities can be approached, for instance, through following questions; How do various societal changes manifest in cities? How does digitalization change cities? How do actions required for sustainability transition become visible in cities and their planning? What effects might climate change have on cities? How has the COVID-19 pandemic reshaped cities? How do population changes such as aging, population decline, or diversification change cities? How have cities changed, or how should they be changed, to be more equal and equitable? How do cities change due to the influence of their surrounding areas? What changes will cities face in the future, and how do historical changes become visible and affect present cities?

We invite for proposals for working groups on the Changing Cities by February 23rd, 2024. We welcome both theoretical reviews of the theme as well as empirical applications. We encourage proposals that strengthen interdisciplinary discussions.

Each proposal should include

  1. a title of the session
  2. name(s) of presenter(s)/chair(s), email address(es), and affiliation(s)
  3. a description of the content and aims of the session (max. 3,500 characters)

Please send your proposal by email to: