10. Everyday artificial intelligences, urban life and city-making

Session chairs:

  • Johanna Ylipulli, Postdoctoral researcher, cultural anthropologist, Helsinki Institute of Urban and Regional Studies, University of Helsinki
  • Aale Luusua, Postdoctoral researcher, architect, INTERACT Research Group, University of Oulu



Room 405

  • Aale Luusua: Introduction to urban AI
  • Dayabati Roy: ’Mobile’ life in a city. ’Uber-Ola’, livelihood opportunities and climate refugees in India
  • Toni Alatalo: 3D Web based co-design and participation in city development
  • Johanna Ylipulli: Towards ”imagination cities”? Speculative approach to virtual reality



Cities are intertwined in numerous ways with everyday digital technologies. Popular urban development agendas, such as the smart city agenda, also highlight the promises of new technologies, including autonomous vehicles, urban dashboards, urban lighting, sensor networks, and 3D city models. Many of these are also autonomous and adaptive, i.e. they are different kinds of artificial intelligences. Simultaneously, cities occupy a central role as human societies navigate amidst many accelerating and alarming global phenomena, such as climate change and demographic change.

In this session, we explore the question of how are digital urban technologies, especially artificial intelligences, experienced in everyday urban life? Also, what kinds of dynamics emerge when these meet with other urban phenomena, e.g. densification, sprawl, public places, works spaces, homes, travel, tourism, governance, democracy, citizenship and participation, or segregation? What kinds of practices may arise? How might they affect different stakeholders? Within this landscape, how can we create better urban futures?

We welcome research from different disciplines and based on various approaches. The aim of the workshop is to identify relevant issues, and create new knowledge and networks. We preselect participants based on 500 word abstracts, in which each presenter provides their unique viewpoint on the subject of the workshop.