Embodied City

Finnish Urban Studies Days 2014: Embodied City

The 12th Finnish Urban Studies Days takes place in May 5–6 2014. This year’s theme Embodied City draws attention to the multiple ways in which urbanity is shaped by human and non-human embodiment, how the city enables and constricts people’s bodily presence and practice, the intertwinement of embodiment and urbanity in the practice of everyday life, and the historical, social, physical and political transformation of the city that involves bodies in both practical and symbolic ways. In creative and interdisciplinary spirit, the event seeks to transgress the border between scientific and artistic inquiry, introducing a contemporary poet Kristiina Wallin as one of the keynote speakers. The international visitors include two distinguished urban studies scholars, Steve Pile (Open University) and Tim Edensor (Manchester Metropolitan University). Additionally, the winner of the Urban Studies Article of the Year Award will give a lecture based on the awarded paper (to be announced on Monday). The conference is organized in collaboration by three Finnish scientific societies, the Society for Regional and Environmental Studies (AYS), Society for Urban Studies (SKTS) and the Society of Urban Planning (YSS). Working languages are Finnish and English.