5. Conflict in urban sphere

Urban sphere is through its history been characterized by the number and multitude of people. Today, cities are places for dwelling, business and leisure. People use cities for resting, (social) recreation and to earn their living. Same time urban nature has become more important, but also threatened, due expanding and gathering building. In addition, cities are home to endless number of non-human species. On top of everything, public sector’s interventions aiming to govern the use and utilization of space have declined. To sum up, cities have become arenas for colliding interests. Thus, living in a city requires constant negotiations between residents and other users to reconcile this variety of demands. Big questions are how these conflicts are framed and justified, and how the outcomes of these negotiations shape city.

To observe these questions, this working group calls for presentations dealing with the themes of conflict, civic participation, justification and other such topics. The main emphasis of this group is to look these questions through the lens of (social scientific) theorizing. Group is organized by Centre of Sociology for Democracy (Univ. of Helsinki), that aims to investigate democracy in contemporary societies by using tools provided by (but not limited) of French pragmatism and tradition of American cultural sociology. However, other (theoretical) approaches are warmly welcome, as well as purely conceptual and theoretical contributions. While the question of change can be seen as inherent to all kinds of conflicts, we do not limit the discussion to the conference theme.

The working session will be held in English and Finnish, depending on participants.


Jutta Juvenius
Doctoral researcher
University of Helsinki

Veikko Eranti
Assistant professor
University of Helsinki